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Raquel Rodriguez

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Hi Im Raquel, the girl behind the lens.
I'm a wife, mother of 3, stay at home mom, 
& a full time story teller.
I love God, my family, golden sunsets, coffee, & country
My better half Danny & I are going on 11 years together.
We have 3 wild little ones, Layla who is 6, Lucas who is 3 and Elias who is 1.
My life is a little hectic at times, my family def keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. 
I am passionate about photography, because there's no better feeling than when a client falls in love with your work, or when a client tells you what an amazing experience they had with you.
Those are the moments that I live for. 
Photography has always been a hobby that I enjoyed growing up. In 2014 when I had my first child Layla, I knew I had to invest in a great camera, so I could capture every second, every move, every smile, every milestone of my daughter.
I never imagined this would become my dream job. 
I love capturing real moments, real life, real emotions, that my clients can savor year after year, and share with generation after generation. 

TTF Photography
Capturing memories that will last

Meet My Family

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